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At the core of your relationship with Gateway Capital Management is a coordinated approach to managing your wealth, providing you and your family the security that comes with knowing you have planned financially for every stage of your life. We can help you:

Fund retirement - applying strategies to help you  fund retirement, transition to retirement or ensure adequate retirement income.

Fund future goal - applying strategies to help you plan to fund a future purchase or accumulate funds for a particular goal.

Financial position planning - applying cash flow management strategies to help you optimize resources available to help you reach your goals. This may include debt management techniques, major purchase financing decisions, cash reserve strategies and family budgeting.

Investment planning - applying strategies to help optimize portfolio performance to reach future financial goals. 

Income tax planning - addressing the general tax considerations for financial services products, transactions and registrations (ownerships). 

Employee benefits planning - helping make decisions related to your employer-sponsored benefit plans. 

Estate, legacy or multi-generational planning - helping you prepare for passing wealth to your beneficiaries in an efficient manner.

Fund education - applying strategies to help you fund the education of children, grandchildren or others. This may also include financial aid analysis.

Small business owner planning - addressing your financial planning needs as a small business owner, which may include an analysis of business cash flow, business valuation, business tax planning, business benefits planning and business transition.

Divorce financial planning - proposing strategies to arrange personal finances during a divorce. Divorce financial analysis does not recommend a preferred divorce settlement option or include recommendations regarding ownership or division of assets and liabilities.


Gateway Capital Management operates on a "fee-only" basis, which means our only source of revenue is the management fee we charge to manage your assets. This structure aligns our interest with yours as we grow with you and eliminates conflicts of interest. We believe in the importance of planning based investment decisions, so we have included financial planning in our management fee to all account holders. Some of our clients seek our financial advise but prefer to manage their own portfolio. We offer competitive financial planning rates based on the extent of the plan requested.